About Vamoosh

In a quest to find the perfect material for beginners who learn in a group environment, Thomas began writing material as soon as he started teaching. With input from highly experienced colleagues, over the course of ten years a wealth of material was produced, tried and tested in the classroom by ruthless and honest critics.

Word got around, and after receiving requests from other teachers for the material, Thomas saw an opportunity to create the book he wished he had had from the start. A book that would make life easier for teachers by providing the motivation in a simple and clear format. Why talk about bow-holds when you can play a piece that provides the right incentive from a purely musical vantage?

The popularity of book 1 led to demands for a book 2 and 3 that are now all included on the ABRSM Medals syllabus. A new string book 1.5 offers new material with duets for those who have completed book 1. There are now two Recorder books with two flute books in the pipeline.

About the Composer

Thomas Gregory Aside from a busy playing and ensemble direction schedule, Thomas is much in demand for his composition and arranging skills. His group leading work has led to numerous compositions for ensembles and orchestras as well as the creation of the Vamoosh series for string players.

Thomas Gregory studied cello at the Guildhall School of Music in London before receiving a scholarship to continue his studies in the US where he lived for four years. His performing career has lead to numerous concertos and recitals in the UK and abroad.