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"Packed with an abundance of fantastic pieces, Vamoosh offers an engaging introduction to the world of music-making'

Music Teacher Magazine, March 2023


"Thank you for ALL your talent and hard work that has led to so many happy musical moments over the years. You have provided us with SUCH amazing resources so thank you."

Sally Anne Anderson, Liverpool In Harmony.


"You know Vamoosh is a good thing when you hear students singing pieces in the playground and then bouncing into class asking to play them"

Rachel Cooper, Suzuki Violin Teacher.


"Vamoosh is a mainstay of group music in my region, with catchy tunes and backing tracks that the children love, as well as carefully thought-out and graded technical progression. 2.5 is TG at his creative best, with compositions that will capture the imagination of teachers and students, and are sure to become fixtures in our ensemble concerts!"

Juan Drown, Head of Strings, St. Albans Music School.


"My students and I are having an awesome time with Vamoosh!!!!"

James Colpitts, Vancouver CA.


“The Vamoosh music books offer a huge variety of both accessible and challenging pieces that are engaging for the beginner to the intermediate player.  These books have transformed our Wider Opportunities projects at Kent Music.”

Lori Norris, Kent Music.

“Whilst the pieces are really accessible and easy to understand, they are actually quite demanding technically, dealing with issues in a very effective way”. 

Katherine Shave, London.


“Thank you for changing my world as an educator, I have fun, my students have fun and we all are making music with a new found excitement!” 

Eve Troiano, NY.

“Vamoosh has had a tremendous impact on our wider opportunities at Haringey, both the staff and children love the material”

Vicky Miller, London.

“The Vamoosh books have been just wonderful for our schools program here at the Menuhin Foundation in Bermuda.”

Charles Knights, Menuhin Foundation, Bermuda.

“The material is extremely well thought out, presented in a fun and accessible way”

Julie Spencer, London.