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Tips - Vamoosh String Book 3


Vamoosh Book 3 for Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass

Here are some teaching ideas for Vamoosh Book 3 which some teachers or parents may find helpful.

1.  Café Calypso

This is a simple opener for the book.

2.  Jamboree

Here is a good string orchestra piece if you combine violin, viola and cello parts.  It works well with any combination of parts, including solo with CD.

3.  Nocturne

A gentle and emotive piece to focus on tone, vibrato and intonation.

4.  Canon

An old favourite.

5.  Dona Nobis Pacem

This makes for a nice song, though it goes quite high.

6.  Reel

A jolly Scottish reel.

7.  Pavane

This is a great concert number for groups, especially if you have all the instruments covered.

8.  Chillax

Based on how music is presented to ‘big bands’, this piece offers flexibility for large groups and an opportunity to improvise.  I like to teach the easy stuff first (the Bass Line and the Backing) to ensure everyone is included.

9.  Sarabande

This piece works well as a solo number with the possibility to expand the ensemble.  Sections A, B and C can be played simultaneously, and there is also an easy bass line.  I ask for a strong sound and clear intonation to be the focus.  Finding new left-hand positions in Section A is also an area to explore.

10.  Free Wheeling

The middle section of this piece uses Sautillé bowing.

11.  Changing Tides

The first piece in 12/8, this piece focuses on legato technique.

12.  Can-can

This is the melody that can accompany the version in Book 1.

13.  My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean

An old favourite, with both a difficult and easy accompaniment option.

14.  Renaissance

This piece helps to formalise the back-extension.

15.  Droid

This piece is really a study in arpeggios, cunningly disguised as a fun piece.  The middle section covers almost every hand shape in first position, sandwiched between two much easier melodic sections.

16.  Panis Angelicus

An old favourite that makes for a great concert item.

17.  Sonata

This item was adapted from a sonata for cello by Stephen Paxton (1735-1787).

18.  Turnpike

This unaccompanied duet of equal parts is quite tricky but a pleasant challenge none the less.

19.  Wind Chimes

This simple piece explores shifting from first to third position with an oriental flavour.

20. Trepak

This is an arrangement of this classic item from the Nutcracker.

21.  Winter

Requested by one of my pupils, this arrangement offers the opportunity to explore new hand positions.

22.  Saint-Saëns Finale

This is a simple arrangement of this popularised finale.

23.  Brahms Finale

This works well with a large ensemble including cellos.

24.  Tango Por Una Cabeza

A good number for soloists, solo duets, or ensembles.

25.  Carmen

An arrangement of a popular favourite.

26.  The Jammy Dodger

A fun piece with jovial outer sections and a more lyrical middle section.

27.  Concerto

This mock Corelli concerto includes lots of passage-work sections that work to hone the skills developed throughout the book.

28.  Passacaglia

To end this book, this piece offers flexibility with various performing options.