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Vamoosh Trombone Book 2 for beginners
Vamoosh Trombone Book 2 by Thomas Gregory
Vamoosh Trombone Book 2 by Thomas Gregory
Trombone Method book for beginners
Trombone for beginners
Vamoosh Trombone Book

Vamoosh Trombone Book 2 PDF

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This is a digital version of Vamoosh Trombone Book 2.

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Fun, easy to use book for young trombonists. 28 varied and engaging pieces that gently guide the player towards grade 1 level. Books are compatible with Book 2 for Trumpet, Clarinet and Saxophone and ideal for group lessons.

Backing Tracks are available here and via Spotify, YouTube and many other platforms. A piano accompaniment book is also available here.


1. Marching In, 2. Shepherd's Hey, 3. Corkscrew, 4. River Wild (Pn.*), 5. Rumpus (R. Fl. Str.), 6. From the Hill Top, 7. Harry Hotspur (R. Fl. Str.), 8. Across the Irish Shore (R. Str.), 9. On the Railroad (R. Fl. Str.), 10. Scaling up, 11. French Folk Tune, 12. Go Tell Aunt Rhody, 13. Hallapalooza (R. Str.), 14. Candlelight (R. Fl. Pn.), 15. Manhattan Blues (Str.), 16. The Drunken Sailor (Str.), 17. Down the Stairs at Midnight (Str.), 18. Yankee Doodle, 19. Auld Lang Syne (Str.), 20. Tappity Tap (Str.), 21. Airport! (Fl. Str.), 22. Midnight Highway (Str.), 23. Pineapples are Juicy (R. Fl. Str.), 24. Tightrope, 25. Jitterbug (R. Fl. Str.), 26. Walk on Mars! (Fl. Str. Pn.), 27. Smooth Operator (Str.), 28. Gliding Above (Str.)

*(R.) Compatible with Recorder.

(Fl.) Compatible with Flute.

(Str.) Compatible with Voilin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass.

(Pn.) Compatible with Piano.

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