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Useful Tips for Teachers

Here are some tips for teachers using Vamoosh Books for any combination of Violin, Cello, Viola or Double Bass.  Based on teaching experience of my own and my colleagues, these tips are useful whether you are new to the material or just looking for fresh ideas.  Whilst they apply mostly to group teaching, they should be just as useful for individual lessons.

The object of this book is to provide enough clear information to the pupil that they can navigate and direct their own learning as much as possible.  Great care has gone into presenting the material in the most accessible way, with new challenges discretely introduced.  Once the pupil has learnt the basics, they are equipped to progress through the book at their own pace.  This is particularly useful when teaching in large, mixed ability groups.

Pupils often want to revisit pieces time and again, so I tend to use pieces for many weeks, overlapping 5 or more at a time.  My general approach is to keep them busy, either playing or answering simple, quick-fire questions.  I’ve also noticed that the quickest way to focus a noisy room is to play the introduction to a familiar piece.  Works every time.